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      The next reunion to will be held at a date yet to be determined. Please check back for future information and dates. In 2013, the tenth combined reunion of these two squadrons was held. In 2003, the World War II veterans of both squadrons decided that there were too few WW-II veterans remaining in each squadron to have separate reunions and agreed to a combined reunion. With the assistance of former members of the post-war VMF/VMA-124, these veterans (including family members and widows) met in 2004 (San Diego, CA), 2005 (Washington DC), 2006 (Nashville, TN), 2007 (Seattle, WA), 2008 (Memphis, TN), 2009 (Colorado Springs, CO), 2010 (Fredericksburg, VA), 2011 (Dallas, TX), and 2012 (Memphis, TN). All former members of post-war VMF/VMA-124 are invited to these reunions and are expected to render assistance to the World War II veterans, if needed.

     For information contact:

     Col David Hallin at (901) 747-3018, or davidhallin@earthlink.net
     CWO-5 Alfred Rome at (901) 386-8738, or cwo5owl@bellsouth.net
     CWO-4 Jack Morrison at (281) 852-1381, or jackhmorrison@suddenlink.net

Request attendees bring memorabilia and photos (not a requirement) to share with the other attendees.

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